Camisa do dia: Alphabeasts!

Consegue adivinhar todos sem colar?

Olha só que legal o conceito da Shirt.Woot de hoje! Um alfabeto com cada letra representando um monstro/criatura fantástica diferente. Podem tentar adivinhar, mas por ser em inglês fica mais complicado. Abaixo a lista completa, com pequenas rimas como bônus!

A is for Angel, dating back to the Jews.
B is for Bigfoot, he’s really quite new,
C is for Cyclops, Greek like pastichio.
D is for Dragon, he wants gold, don’t you know.
E is for Elf, and that jerk shot the food!
F is for Fairy, traditionally mean and rude.
G is for Goblin, were they all 1d8?
H is for Hippogriff, sort of hard to create.
I is for Ifrit, he’s a genie of flame!
J is for Jabberwock, goth chicks all know his name.
K is for Klingon? Do they qualify?
L is for Leprechaun, a big cereal guy.
M is for Mermaid, never heard “GTFO.”
N is for Nymph, in the woods playin’ ho.
O is for Orc, yelling Waagh! in a storm.
P is for Phoenix, probably will be Hope’s mom.
Q is for Qilin, he’s from China and stylin’.
R is for Reaper, you’ll see him when you’re dyin’.
S is for Sphinx, so treat your parents decently.
T is for Troll, in our forums, most recently.
U is for Unicorn, (lol ur a virgin)
V is for Vampire, and those sparkles need purging.
W is for Werewolf, with a full moon he’s furred.
X is for Xorn, only known to huge nerds.
Y is for Yeti, fought the best Doctor Who, and
Z is for Zombie, as all hipsters knew.

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