Glow Sabre Duo Pack Nintendo Wii

A imagem acima diz tudo: dois acessórios para conectar nos wii-motes e ‘transformá-los’ em lightsabers =p Fabricado pela Thrustmaster. Não acompanha os controles… vejas as características:

  • Pack of 2 different laser sabres for Wiimote™* on Nintendo® Wii™
  • 2 stylish Laser Sabres in which your Wiimote™* easily inserts
  • “Laser effect” with lighting system 17 LEDS:
    • effect guaranteed even in full daylight!
  • Different Sabres for duels:
    • 1 sabre lit in blue + 1 sabre lit in red
  • Functions with just 3 AA batteries (not supplied):
    • about 40 hours of autonomy
  • Blades rounded in soft plastic and easily detachable:
    • safe and easy to store.
  • “Light” button:
    • to switch on or off the “laser effect”.
  • * Controllers sold separately

Link para o site do produto:

Glow Sabre Duo Pack NW

Esse acessório eu comprava, com ctz =]

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